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ERIN For Home Centered Care

Offers opportunities to visualize and interact with the data you need to achieve your goals in the home care market. Access customized reports (Excel or PDF) or work with our team of data scientists to create your own interactive dashboard featuring the most recent data available.


ERIN for Home Centered Care is your affordable solution for:

  • Developing your home-based care business by identifying regions with high-need patients, connecting with payers in your area, analyzing competitors, and assessing the available workforce.

  • Leveraging sophisticated data analytics and market intelligence to make data-driven decisions about your home care practice.

  • Maximizing your house call program’s success in value-based payment arrangements.

  • Visualizing key data variables at the national, state, and local levels in ways that are customized for home-based care.

  • Answering critical questions through a comprehensive analysis of the home care market in your area.

  • Assessing opportunities for starting or expanding practices that offer home-based care.

ERIN for Home Centered Care integrates multiple data sources to create a unique and interactive business intelligence tool featuring:

  • 30,000+ physicians and clinicians engaged in home-based medical care (HBMC)

  • 10,000+ HBMC practices

  • 5M+ patients receiving HBMC

ERIN for Home Centered Care was developed by the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI), a national nonprofit organization focused on advancing high-quality home-based primary care through four main areas: education, consulting, research, and advocacy. In addition to being an authoritative source for clinical and operational best practices for house call programs, HCCI is well-positioned to be a valued research partner for practices, health systems, and investors conducting market analyses to inform their business decisions and/or assess opportunities for starting or expanding practices that offer home-based medical care.

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