Confer Analytics®

Unmatched business intelligence to achieve growth and quality in home-based care

Achieve Your Goals in the Home Care Market

Confer Analytics® offers affordable solutions for answering essential business questions related to patient demographics, capacity for growth, quality benchmarks, referral sources, and more.

Differentiate and Grow Your Organization with Applied Data Analytics

Confer Analytics® offers market intelligence to help you succeed in the home care market and make data-driven decisions, such as:
  • Measuring and improving performance
  • Analyzing competitor dynamics, referrals, and leakage
  • Identifying “controlling” providers 
  • Assessing the available workforce
  • Establishing a service area aligned with your staffing capacity
  • And more


Visualize and Interact with Comprehensive Data for the Home Care Market

Confer Analytics® integrates multiple data sources to create a unique and interactive business intelligence tool featuring 100% Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid claims (totaling 200M+ lives) and additional data from multiple public and proprietary sources, and focusing on the following:

House Call Providers

Which providers are seeing patients on the South Side of Chicago? How many Medicare and Medicaid patients do they have? How many home visits do they do? Should I try and recruit one of the providers with low readmissions? What areas do they cover?


Market Intelligence

How many 85+-year-old people are in zip code 23059? What billing codes do house call providers use in Virginia? How many 85+-year-old are in the zip code 23059? How many older people have mobility disabilities near me?g


Care Coordination

Which home health agencies are referring to me - and which are not? Is there a particular hospice program I should refer patients to? Where are the home aides in Chicago? Can someone provide home modification services to my patients?

Confer Analytics® is powered by the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI), a national nonprofit dedicated to creating universal access to best practice house call programs through four key initiatives: education, consulting, research, and advocacy.

HCCI believes in a world in which all in need of house calls get them. Because the future of healthcare… is in the home.

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