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Confer Analytics® is a versatile resource partner for house call programs of all sizes.  We offer consulting solutions to help your organization understand its market and make informed decisions.
Our knowledgeable consulting team includes data scientists with extensive backgrounds in home-centered care and business analytics. Whether you are starting a new home-based care venture or looking to grow or expand an existing home care program, you will find our consulting services provide the expert and essential guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Services Available

Market Analysis

We will examine the supply and demand for home-based care in your market, and answer questions, such as:


  • Which clinicians and practices are already serving the market?
  • How many Medicare patients do they have?
  • How many visits to homes and assisted living facilities do they make each year?
  • What cities/towns do they serve?
  • What billing codes are they using (what services are being provided)?

Demand/Patient Characteristics

  • How many frail Medicare patients reside in the market?
  • What specific difficulties do these patients report, and what is their socio-demographic profile?
  • How many of these patients are (or are not) receiving home-based medical care?
  • How many assisted living facilities are in or near the market, where are they exactly, and what is their size?

… and Other Services Customized to Your Needs


Patient Leakage, Referral Sources, and Partnership Opportunities

We will identify patient leakage threats and potential partners in your market, and answer questions, such as:

  • How many high-needs patients are in the market?
  • Who are the “controlling” providers of these patients?
  • Which providers are already referring patients to home-based care in the market?
  • Is my practice “leaking” patients to competitors?
  • What opportunities exist for my practice to attract and retain new patients (and reduce patient leakage)?
  • How can my practice increase referrals?
  • Which potential partners in the market (home health, hospice, home-based medical care) are highly rated for quality of care and suitable for me to refer patients?

… and Other Services Customized to Your Needs

Performance Analysis

We will use comparative benchmarks to assess the practice’s performance in terms of clinical and financial outcomes, patient characteristics, and market share, and answer questions, such as:

How does my practice’s performance (e.g., admissions, readmissions, ED visits, PMPM) compare to others in my market?

  • What are my practice’s performance gaps and opportunities to improve?
  • What percentage of my patients are considered
    high-needs or complex – meaning they are considered ideal for value-based care?
  • What is my practice’s market share, and how does that compare to others? Which are the largest Medicare-managed companies in my market?

… and Other Services Customized to Your Needs


Clinician Recruitment

We will analyze claims and quality metrics data to identify experienced providers who are performing well in home-based care, and answer questions, such as:

  • Which providers are qualified to care for frail, high-needs patients at home and might be open to recruitment for a role at a different organization?
  • What geographic region(s) has a provider served in their current or past positions?
  • How can we validate applicants’ claims of experience and quality performance in home-based care?

… and Other Services Customized to Your Needs

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