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Learn how to drive practice growth by attending one (or more) of our upcoming 45-minute demos & case discussions for the Confer Analytics™ platform. HCCI will showcase many of the platform’s 35+ dashboards, share case studies, answer questions, and demonstrate how the platform provides geographically tailored insights for your home care market. Register below:

Wednesday, April 17
3:00 pm CT

Exploring Analytics to Elevate the Care of High-Needs Patients in the Home
This demo and discussion aims to elevate high-needs patient care through analytics. Explore strategies to enhance patient care through effective marketplace analysis, including estimating market demand, assessing unmet need, and localizing your strategy with detailed data.

Tuesday, April 23
1:00 pm CT

Actionable Market Intelligence for Skilled Home Health Nursing and Therapy
Gain access to the most comprehensive home health data on performance and referral relationships. You can keep track of your market position, compare with competitors, and check your performance. Build trust and stronger partnership with those who refer patients to you by showing your competitive strengths and what makes you unique, all through clear data and insights.

Wednesday, May 15
1:00 pm CT

Benchmarking in Home-Based Medical Care: Enhancing Performance and Growth through Analytics
This demo and discussion aims to empower home-based medical programs (Primary Care, Palliative Care, and Hospital at Home) through insights into industry benchmarking. Evaluate performance relative to competitors, provide targeted strategies to enhance referrals and capitalize on market opportunities, while addressing way to effectively minimize leakage.

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